Latest Mainstream Fashion: Hip-Hop Jewelry

Latest Mainstream Fashion: Hip-Hop Jewelry

When the first launch of the “Rap” style success the music business, few would have predicted the effect of “Hip Hop” culture would go mainstream. But it definitely has done just that, as seen by the growing variety of celebs displaying their “Bling-Bling”, the standard term for hip hop jewelry. The upsurge in popularity of the particular style of jewelry owes its claim to fame to the recording artists whose reputation was built on sports earrings, pendants, and expensive, flashy rings. In fact, this term has become so widely used, that the Oxford Dictionary has contained it, along with “jiggy” and “phat”.

There is no uncertainty about the broad appeal of the hip hop jewelry style, it plays nicely on our human desire to be seen and by expansion, when you’ve “bling-bling” it also refers to obvious and appealing abundance. While hip-hop trend, the distinguishing style of attire originating from urban culture, is only one element of the lifestyle, the attention given to the jewelry of the movement has far outpaced that of the clothes.

But truth be told, the wearing of large, lavish jewelry was popular with artists like Elvis Presley and Tom Jones, quite a long time before hip hop became the present cultural phenomenon, but it’s entirely changed the jewelry market of now. When it comes to producing a huge impression, because enthusiasts wish to emulate their favorite stars and jewelry have ever been at the very top of the list. In today’s age of instant information, the hip-hop jewelry arena changes as rapid as the record chart hits and also the reputation of several celebs can be boosted or deflated by who is wearing the most stylish “Bling Bling”.

There is an abundance of designs to select from as it pertains to hip hop jewelry, all made with one point in a head; attract attention and to get the eye. “Bling-Bling” could be viewed on celebs when they appear in music videos, on the catwalk or on the red carpet. From the late-1990s, hip-hop artists began wearing platinum jewelry, adding more than a little flash to their advertising material.

With an ever growing community on the net, the mainstream recognition of hip hop jewelry is affirmed. There are hip-hop jewelry websites offering completely ‘iced-out’ bling; bracelets, rings or watches, encrusted to the hilt with real or faux diamonds. And the latest money daze of hip-hop jewelry is the so-called ‘spinner’ watches and rings. The influence of hip hop has extended to the world of dentistry; platinum fronts are in demand, some going to replace their particular teeth with an entire mouthful of long-lasting platinum teeth. Others who’ve chosen for a bit smaller display have their dentists create platinum grills – metal that is removable jeweled teeth coverings.