Jewelry Symbols & Meaning From Different Culture

Jewelry Symbols & Meaning From Different Culture

Egyptians wore jewelry in life and death. Indians believe in holy metals. More than a symbol of power, jewelry is a fundamental key in the culture of civilizations.

From ancient civilizations to today’s world, there’s an eternal area for jewelry in the culture and traditions of planetary societies.

The Ancient Egyptian culture showed signs of enthusiastic interest for the art of crafting metals that were rich and precious stones. Fertility was symbolized by green jewels.

The very first public exhibits of fine jewelry had spiritual and political significance. Statues and heroes were offered unique and uncommon visuals and personal adornment came afterward.

Greeks mastered the skill of creating exquisite jewelry that was colored and improved. Women began to impress society with their first jewels, just showed on special events and celebrations.

Jewelry as a present was becoming regular in the sophisticated societies.

As brooches were spread by them through the Empire Romans brought the early notion of jewelry design. With a huge land and financial power, Romans had a multiple collections of materials to be used in jewelry. They would import sapphire from Sri Lanka and diamonds from India if they could not produce.

Jewelry was becoming a part of a solid and powerful symbol for the most important things in life, international cultures and, at the same: love, beliefs, spirituality and wellness.

In India, among the strongest producers of metals and precious stones in the world developed a unique connection with jewelry. Gold and silver are viewed as the moon that was cool along with the warm sun. They’re considered holy metals, according to Hindu belief.

As an art, jewelry grows from New Zealand to the Pacific states and became a visual representation of several societies. The significance of the work with precious stuff is easily understood in almost any national museum. Precious stones and jewels are in the center of the most important art exhibitions in the world’s, alongside with sculptures and framed painting.