Choosing Jewelry that Reflects Your Personality

Choosing Jewelry that Reflects Your Personality

Quirks are defined as peculiarities of your behavior; these are qualities that are specific to individuals. Choosing jewelry pieces that complement your taste and your personality will help determine what kind of designer jewelry will fit your unique style.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to help determine what type of jewelry will suit you perfectly is the kind of activity you do on a regular basis. Like if you are a sports enthusiast who is always on the move climbing rocks and mountains or lets’s say you are an artist who is always painting and brushing then it would be a bad idea to wear rings as this type of jewelry may interfere with your hands. Your best bet is to either go for earrings or necklaces or if you are in the mood to accessorize you can go for both. Rings are best worn on individuals who hold white-collared jobs such as those running art galleries, those doing managerial work or those who are company executives. Their job mostly requires them to interact and socialize with people and not manually work.

On the other hand, the ideal choice or should we say choices of those who live active lives that require them to invest a considerable amount of physical exertion would have to be necklaces or earrings or again it could be both. Those who lead very active lives require minimum obstruction or interference from external factors such as pieces of jewelry or even your own hair. This explains why earrings and necklaces allow these active and energetic people to move freely without getting distracted from external elements so they can continue with their work uninterrupted despite being adorned with jewelry pieces.

After you have figured out what type of jewelry item is appropriate for your personality and your lifestyle your next move is to find out what type of jewelry you want to integrate into your artistic persona. Keep in mind that the initial impression we make is always visual. And so how we ornament ourselves communicates the impression we wish to evoke. A necklace is a more sportive piece of jewelry which is best worn on individuals who possess a whimsical personality. A whimsical person is one who is imaginative and is playful. Meanwhile, earrings suggest a sexier and a more sensual style. If you observe closely, a pair of earrings attracts attention to the curve of your neck and your face. Rings, on the other hand, will make you look effortlessly sophisticated and classy.

Although jewelry may not mean much to you other than an investment or mere ornamentation, choosing the best piece of jewelry to suit your style can help create an iconic persona for yourself. By choosing the type of jewelry that best represents your style and your personality and incorporating it into your fashion regimen, you can already build your own unique signature look.

Think of Audrey Hepburn and her signature string of pearl necklace or Regina George of Mean Girls who made a statement with her hoop earrings. Picking out even just one piece of statement jewelry can already represent your fashion persona. Whatever jewelry items you come up with just make sure that it complements your style.

Here’s one thing we should all remember, when you decide on a signature jewelry keep in mind that the persona you are about to build based on that piece of jewelry will last all throughout your lifetime, so you will have plenty of time and freedom to mix and match pieces of jewelry for the image you want to create even while you are in the process of creating it.

It does not necessarily have to be expensive nor does it have to be grandiose, whatever jewelry you fancy that is apt for your personality and your lifestyle is already enough to represent who you are. Although visual, you should also look at its convenience.